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Mike Hughes Inducted into AAF Advertising Hall of Fame

On Monday April 7, Mike Hughes was inducted into the AAF’s Advertising Hall of Fame, joining the ranks of a few hundred men and women who have made significant contributions to both advertising and society as a whole. And while we wish he could have been there, we hope this video does him justice.

It Takes Ahoy!

Chips Ahoy! has never been like every other chocolate chip cookie. They have always had a certain attitude, a disregard for what you’re supposed to do. Call it moxie, gumption or cojones, It Take Ahoy! to take two free samples, to enter through the exit and to nudge the institution, one chip at a time.

Shades of Life

We believe there are colors attached to the most meaningful moments of our lives. With Benjamin Moore, that story is told like no other: with gorgeous detail, surprising depth and unique nuance. The Shades of Life campaign utilizes paint colors and the unique Benjamin Moore paint names to tell a story, showing there truly is a color For Everything that Matters.

Susana and Her Load of Crap

This is the story of a piece of crap, And a girl named Susana, Who saw way beyond that.

The video is animated, completely from sand, by Cesar Diaz Melendez’s very own hand(s).

So sit on back, yea we’re talking to you, and check out EARTH’s latest video that shows what doo-doo can do.

Cookie Balls

This is the season when we like to do it up. And no Christmas is complete without a tree, icicle lights and, of course, cookie balls. Just don’t forget to leave a few for Santa Clause.

‘Cause everyone knows old Kris Kringle loves himself some cookie balls.

Scary Good Job

We wanted to prove to professional painters that Benjamin Moore paint does a high quality job, and fast. So in the spirit of Halloween, we hired real painters for a job they wouldn’t want to spend long on — a haunted hotel — and we caught it all on hidden camera. 

Go Forth and Conquer

For LG's new G2 smartphone we needed to cut through the steady din of specs, superiority claims and preciousness that's rampant in the industry. So we took a charismatic geek hero, guitar god Zakk Wylde, the legendary sword Excalibur and a couple of Vegas bound aliens and stirred them into a delicious smartphone stew. We embraced LG's "Life's Good" tagline by creating three slightly ridiculous digital films that are playful, humorous and deliver the important specs on a top-notch phone.

In the immortal words of Rick…our geek superhero…these videos were designed to "Go Forth and Conquer."

A Statement Piece for Your Bathroom

When a jewelry designer is looking for inspiration, a bathroom faucet probably isn't the first thing that comes to mind. But with the launch of Moen's new global style campaign, this could soon change. The campaign is based on a simple premise -- just as a statement piece necklace can transform your look, a "statement piece" faucet can transform your bathroom.

To bring this idea to life, we collaborated with jewelry designers from around the world to create statement piece necklaces inspired by Moen's  faucets.  The necklaces can be seen in TV, cinema, print, documentaries, showrooms and coming to a red carpet soon. We've even created pared down versions as gifts.

Brighter Side

Sawed in half by a magician, have a rose-crushing giant in your front yard, engulfed in the belly of a whale, or about to be abducted by extraterrestrials? Look on the bright side: you just saved over 15% on your car insurance by switching to GEICO. Can’t argue with that.

When Your Feet Hurt, Your Work Suffers

Your feet are the foundation for everything you do — if they hurt, your entire body hurts. And that can be distracting, causing you to make mistakes on the job. The campaign shows industrial “work fails” caused by distracted workers. Cause after all, when your feet hurt, your work suffers.

Playground Earth All-Terrain Relay

With better tire performance comes more fun, the earth becomes your playground. In order to demonstrate this idea, we went out west with Camp4 Collective for 35 days to create the Playground Earth All-Terrain Relay, sending one set of tires on five unique outdoor adventures. We met up with respected kayakers, fishermen, mountain bikers and climbers for each leg of the journey. And in true relay form, the tires were literally swapped from vehicle to vehicle (like a baton), driving thousands of miles both on- and off-road.

Playground Earth begins where the pavement ends.

GEICO Museum of Modern Insurance

A clean and modern space, G-MOMI houses an irreverent hodgepodge of pieces. Everything from age-old classics like the Mona Lisa, and Napoleon, to modern masterpieces like the “Hang In There Baby” cat and some Awkward Family Photos. But these pieces do far more than simply hang out on a wall together. They are living, breathing things that coexist. They're all roomies. Oh, and they talk.

Smack Talk

The only thing more intense than a video game battle is the smack-talking that goes along with it. In our long-running Smack Talk campaign, two video-game-crazy buddies race to get the newest games — knowing that Walmart is the fastest way to get them.

Turns out, Smack Talk was also the fastest way to get Walmart a Gold EFFIE.

Color Wheel

The Color Wheel campaign was created to showcase the great new colors, styles and patterns of Hanes women's panties in the most visual and dynamic way possible -- using dancers to bring the patterns to life. This work joins the rotation with our Men’s TAGLESS underwear and ComfortBlend shirt campaign featuring Michael Jordan.

Did You Know?

Born from the idea that almost everyone knows GEICO could save them hundreds of dollars on their car insurance, the Did You Know? campaign addresses the remaining few, demonstrating how one might react when discovering the news.

Our theory? They would probably feel a little left out, maybe even feel the need to one-up with some trivia of their own.

The Pursuit

The Pursuit contemporizes the visual precedent set in place by artists such as Thomas Hart Benton and Diego Rivera—artists who created large-scale murals that celebrated everyday heroism and demonstrated that economic difficulty could not stop the pursuit of the American Dream.

To bring this vision to life, we employed the talents of two of the world's most iconic image-makers, photographer Nadav Kander and director Tarsem. Inspired by the references of the large-scale murals, they created a modern tableau vivant for Morgan Stanley using a delicate balance of real, painted and digital visuals.


Retail advertising tends to conjure up images of starbursts, and announcers reading copy with a lot of exclamation points.

Lids is an exception.

The campaign uses the Benjamin Moore paint lids to show how color (and paint) can tell a story or evoke an emotion, playfully and artistically expressing the strategic thought, “There’s a color for everything that matters.” 


Known for its innovative approach to marketing, Oreo has been the world’s favorite cookie for more than 100 years. The shared connection over an Oreo is universal. Our latest campaign, Wonderfilled, focuses on the positive change in perspective the simple act of sharing an Oreo can create, tapping into the universal human feeling of wonder. The ability to wonder is something we all share, but too often forget or ignore.  Wonderfilled captures the feeling that kids are naturally so good at, yet adults need to be reminded of: a sense of wonder in the world.

Main Street Matters

Main Streets. They’re where we work, meet and let loose. They are the foundations of our communities, yet in many cases, are in need of a fresh look. That’s where Benjamin Moore comes in. Based on user submissions, the brand chose 20 cities to revitalize in 2013 with paint makeovers. Local leaders and Benjamin Moore retailers and color experts pitched in to help, as well as Brad Pitt, who lent his voice to the Main Street Matters anthem video.

It Stays With You

It Stays With You is based on the insight that a visit to Colonial Williamsburg is an experience that stays with you, resonating long after you've returned home, both in what you learn about the American Revolution and in the memories of a fun trip. So much so that you may literally find a part of your trip staying with you – brought to life by a colonial man living in your home, using your curling iron, casting you a new fork or giving unusual gifts to your offspring.


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