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In the months before the Emmy ballots are mailed to members of the nominating committee, networks usually promote their shows the same way: with billboards, print ads and direct mail that feature the shows’ stars, a clever headline and the line “For Your Consideration.” In 2014, we worked with AMC to create a campaign designed to break through the sea of sameness to promote the critically acclaimed drama, Mad Men.

American Cancer Society

In 2009, we embarked on an ambitious journey to reinvigorate the American Cancer Society brand. Our breakthrough came with the idea of the "Official Sponsor of Birthdays," a celebration of the lives ACS has helped saved.  The campaign is a multi-channel birthday party featuring famous musicians and artists, and it asks people to act rather than just think. All of this has helped American Cancer Society become more relevant and top-of-mind, and “More Birthdays” has become a grounding and inspirational principle for ACS as a whole.

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Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore chose us in 2013 to revitalize their great American brand. Through an understanding on what matters most to their customers and communities, we created new end line coming in May. We are also currently developing ideas that will showcase Benjamin Moore's commitment to their consumers, professional contractors and the communities in which they live.

BFGoodrich Tires

BFGoodrich came to The Martin Agency in 2006. Since then we've created scores of traditional advertising pieces, but we've also consistently put BFGoodrich at the forefront of companies who embrace and pioneer new digital and social media approaches. From launching a groundbreaking auto enthusiast community to chronicling Shaun White's story as he learned to complement his boarding skills with high-performance driving skills, we have helped BFGoodrich increase its brand strength and sales in spite of being significantly outspent by competitors.

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Chips Ahoy!

In 2013, we partnered with Chips Ahoy! to bring the already loved brand a distinctive voice, reviving the “Cookie Man” icon and unveiling the new Ice Cream Creations product.

Colonial Williamsburg

In 2013, we began working with The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation again, helping to develop a new brand campaign. Serving as the brand’s agency in the 1960s, the creative work launching later this year will help invigorate the brand, helping the dynamic and revolutionary city find a place in the 21st century.


In 2010, Cool Whip sought out The Martin Agency to help revitalize one of America's favorite brands. The agency has helped build the foundation for future growth with strong strategic planning and creative campaigns that will shape the trajectory of the brand in grocery stores everywhere.


The Martin Agency has served as Discover Card’s lead agency since 2006, reminding card members and prospects why “It Pays To Discover.” And despite a volatile economy and ever-changing consumer/credit card relationships, our efforts have helped Discover Card enjoy record-breaking business results.

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EARTH University

In 2012, we began working with EARTH University, non-profit university based in Costa Rica that specializes in sustainable agricultural and natural resources. A lot of good has come out of EARTH, but nobody knows about it. In 2013, we launched our awareness campaign, highlighting student success stories in a fun and entertaining way.

Education First

In 2012, The Martin Agency added a global partner to the agency roster with Education First, the world leader in international education, committed to breaking down barriers of language, culture and geography. We partnered with EF to develop the GO Campaign, focused on teaching the English language internationally with a saturated presence in China, Russia and Indonesia. The campaign, which was the brand’s first large-scale unified campaign that translated across markets, positioned EF as a catalyst for confidence and opportunity for their students.


There are a lot of companies out there vying to get consumers to use their credit monitoring services. Since 2008, The Martin Agency has helped Experian Consumer Direct and its brands, including, become the market leader. Like many of our campaigns, the value of the work is much higher when the work infiltrates pop culture and begins to have a life of its own outside the media buy and viral internet clicks. Our intrepid FCR band has been featured on the Colbert Report, People Magazine and even famed author Steven King wrote an article in Entertainment Weekly about how he can’t get the jingles out of his head.


Together, with ExxonMobil, we created a multifaceted campaign with a singular call to action: Let's Solve This. It positioned ExxonMobil as a vocal contributor to this important topic and was designed to not only wake up the American public to challenge before us, but to inspire them to take part in solving our nation's education crisis.


In 1994, the Government Employees Insurance Company wanted to grow. Fast. And they believed we were the agency to help them do just that. Leveraging GEICO’s direct business model, Martin and GEICO redefined the insurance category.  Humor, multiple storylines, and pop culture icons such as the Gecko and Caveman took the fear out of insurance and replaced it with fun, ease and savings (not to mention advertising that viewers actually seek out). It’s safe to say the work has won a few awards along the way too. In our nearly two decades together, GEICO has grown from number seven to number three in the category and continues to be the fastest-growing insurance company out there.

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Since 2001, The Martin Agency has been working with Hanes to reinforce its position as the number one underwear brand in America. In the last year, we’ve also seen our work help make Hanes the fastest growing brand in the apparel category. Our television campaigns for the Men’s line have used Michael Jordan to successfully introduce products like their patented Tagless Ts. And the women’s work has both launched innovations across the full line of products and supported Hanes’ ongoing efforts to help support breast cancer research. As a result of our work over the past decade, nearly nine out of 10 U.S. homes now have Hanes in their households.

John F Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum

Since 1994, The Martin Agency has worked with The JFK Library to promote the legacy of the Kennedy Presidency. On a local level, we’ve helped continually raise Museum attendance rates over the past 17 years. This local print work has also been recognized with multiple Kelly Awards. On the National stage, we keep the legacy of Kennedy’s Presidency relevant in a modern world by mixing history with current technology. For the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission we digitally recreated the trip to the moon in real time. The site,, had 3.5 million visitors in its first 3 months and was awarded the FWA Site of the Year, multiple One Show Awards and Cannes Lions.

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Kraft Foods

In 2010, Kraft Foods sought out The Martin Agency to help revitalize their Cool Whip, Stove Top and Breakstone’s/Knudsen brands. The agency has helped build the foundation for future growth with strong strategic planning, and by developing creative campaigns that will shape the trajectory of these brands in grocery stores everywhere.


The Martin Agency joined with LG in 2013 to help launch their new flagship smartphone, the G2.  We created a digital video campaign for tech enthusiasts highlighting the phone's cutting-edge features, using over-the-top humor to break through the noise in a crowded smartphone market.


Since 2009, The Martin Agency has helped ManpowerGroup redefine its presence as the world leader in innovative workforce solutions. That’s a pretty broad term, but undeniably apropos when your business includes an entire suite of global companies that master everything from developing talent to recruiting super-high level executives. And with a big company comes big jobs. From restructuring the company’s business architecture to building a new brand identity system to launching a global creative campaign, The Martin Agency and ManpowerGroup are leading the way in “The Human Age.”

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Moen partnered with The Martin Agency in 2009 to create a global brand campaign that would highlight their position as a trusted leader in faucets. In the first brand campaign that Moen had done in five years, we dialed up style cues with a touch of artistry, while also delivering on performance. This combination led to ad tracking results that were double the benchmarks in television. Tim McDonough, VP Global Brand Marketing, was recently asked if he had the right agency, and he responded, “Absolutely, with no doubt, this is exactly the right agency. Ingenuity has made great additions to our media plans, the creative work is beautiful and right on strategy.”

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Morgan Stanley

For centuries, Morgan Stanley has enjoyed its position as one of Wall Street’s finest. In 2010, Morgan Stanley came to The Martin Agency in search of work that would get the world to take a fresh look at what sets Morgan Stanley apart. “We selected The Martin Agency based on three factors: first, their experience and track record in financial services, second, their understanding of our strategy, and third, their ability to execute highly creative advertising that will help define and differentiate our brand,” said Ramona Boston, managing director and chief marketing officer for Morgan Stanley.


In 2012 we got a great proposition: Take a global espresso brand that has already made a splash overseas and bring it to the United States. Make sure to leverage the product’s uncompromising devotion to design and service, and work closely with global and regional brand managers to ensure the brand appeals to the needs of a domestic espresso market while also aligning with global brand standards. Then, if that’s not enough, act as the strategic and creative lead for a five-agency team tasked with developing a communications plan across multiple digital and traditional channels. Our work has just begun, but the initial results are making our new friends at Nestle very happy.

Newspaper Association of America

More than 108 million U.S. adults read a newspaper in print or online every day. But the industry faces almost daily declarations about its impending death. Many of these reports even appear in, you guessed it, newsprint. So the NAA turned to The Martin Agency for strategic positioning development and creation of an integrated national print and online campaign to remind consumers and columnists about the value and the vitality of the local newspaper. “Smart is the New Sexy” was born and conveys the quality editorial, advertising and community reporting that only a newspaper, in print or online, can deliver.

Norwegian Cruise Line

We all became a little more Norwegian in March of 2011 when we won the cruise line’s business. As Norwegian’s principal creative agency, we led a bold brand relaunch that has been loved by consumers and Norwegian’s internal teams alike. In fact, Norwegian is even using our creative brand idea as a rallying point for their organization and a guide for training their crews.

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Opportunity International

Embarking on an ambitious campaign to broaden brand reach to a wider donor base, Opportunity International (OI) tapped us to develop a global brand strategy and platform for the brand. Serving over five million people in 20+ developing countries with small business loans, insurance and financial and professional development training, OI’s partnership with The Martin Agency is the brand’s first engagement with a full-service brand agency in recent years. Our upcoming work, including the corporate identity, creative platform and website, will be completed mid-2013.


After celebrating its 100th birthday, OREO approached us with a tremendous opportunity: develop a brand platform for the next chapter in the iconic cookie's history. We embraced this challenge and have been hard at work ever since, currently in the process of developing and producing work that will set the stage for the brand's next 100 years.


Many brands these days seek to better understand their customers so they can maintain their relevancy. And many of these brands have no idea where to start. But for Penske Truck Leasing, this was not the issue. In 2010, Penske came to us with a wealth of consumer data —just what our Consumer Forensics department needed to immediately start building forecasts and models that would ensure laser-focused messaging based on where consumers are in the purchase funnel. And after instituting even more robust measurements, we now have the ability to quickly measure success to create the best work, best practices, and best ways to respond and enhance messaging as the Penske story unfolds.


The Martin Agency has been PING’s advertising agency since 1995. The award winning work has incorporated everyday golfers as well as PING Tour pros such as Hunter Mahan, Mark Calcavecchia and Bubba Watson. The latest campaign encouraged golfers to “don’t just hit it long, hit it Bubba long,” a phrase that is commonly seen in tweets and on weekend golf telecasts.

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When it comes to the vodka category, superficiality and trend chasing reign supreme. But there's one brand that has stayed true to its character the past 80 years. One brand that is considered the original. One brand that has earned the right to be called "the." That brand is Stoli. Not just "a" vodka...THE Vodka. In 2014, we partnered with Stoli Group USA to create the brand’s first major advertising efforts since the inception of the group in January 2014. We've created a campaign that celebrates this authenticity and the difference between A and THE.

STOVE TOP Stuffing Mix

In 2010, Stove Top sought out The Martin Agency to help revitalize one of America's favorite brands. The agency has helped build the foundation for future growth with strong strategic planning and creative campaigns that will shape the trajectory of the brand in grocery stores everywhere.


In December 2012, we officially partnered with Timberland PRO® to develop cross-channel advertising for its outdoor industrial work boot, the Hyperion. Previously the brand’s agency of record from 1997 to 2001, we are working with Timberland to bring the benefits of the Hyperion to life in a strategic and creatively compelling way. Our first creative work for the work boot is slated to launch in fall, 2013.


In September of 2010, TracFone Wireless, Inc. (the largest pre-paid wireless company in the U.S.) asked The Martin Agency to handle the mass media launch of their new Straight Talk brand. After what proved to be the most successful introduction of any wireless phone brand, we were given responsibility for the re-launch of TracFone’s NET10 brand in early 2011. For both brands, we’re developing not only integrated advertising campaigns, but also impacting packaging and point-of-sale communications.

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Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

In 2010, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts needed a modern rebranding befitting their highly anticipated new building and exhibits. We worked with them to create a multimedia campaign that showcased the museum’s new offerings and created enthusiasm among current and future art lovers. From mobile art to social content to new uses of augmented reality, we were able to attract people from around the world to the VMFA. Creativity, Mashable and Huffington Post sang praises of our work, and attendance at the museum exceeded all expectations.

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Since January 2007, The Martin Agency has served as the lead agency for Walmart stores in the U.S. Working closely with their network of agencies, we have led campaigns designed to help the world’s largest retailer increase sales and gain some new fans along the way. Walmart CMO Stephen Quinn says that “the people at Martin believe passionately about what they are doing for us, and feel like real partners.”  He’s right, on both counts.

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